Reasons To Have A Home Inspection Before Buying A Home

It should be common sense to arrange a home inspection before you buy a home, but many people forgo doing so for any number of reasons. Simply put, you should never buy a home before having it inspected. If there appears to be a high demand for the home and you're concerned that you won't have time for an inspection before submitting your offer, you can solve this dilemma by submitting an offer that is dependent on the home successfully passing the inspection. Read More 

Three Reasons To Go Ahead And Buy That 1930s Home

You may have heard that buying an older home comes with spending every weekend completely on home improvement projects, but that's only the case if you buy a place that's fallen into significant disrepair. Most older homes were built to last, and buying and living in one can have serious advantages for some people. Following are three of them.  Quality Hardwood Flooring Up until about the middle of the last century, hardwood was the main material used in hardwood flooring. Read More 

Why A Home Buyer Should Hire A Real Estate Agent

Have you been unsuccessful with finding a lender so you can purchase a house? Just because you are not having any luck, it does not necessarily mean that you do not qualify for a loan. The wisest thing for you to do is get the professional assistance of a real estate company. A realtor will then be able to not only help you find a lender, but also assist in other areas of the home buying process. Read More 

Nurturing The Next Generation – A Guide To Becoming A University Area Landlord

If you're looking to get into rental real estate investing, buying property in a college town can be a great investment. But there are a few things you should do to set yourself up for success when becoming a college area landlord. Here are a few steps to make sure your rental business starts out on track. Consider the Pros and Cons. Renting to the students in a university has advantages and disadvantages. Read More 

Four Winning Strategies For Home Inspections ~ You Need To Read These Before You Buy

Are you ready to buy a home? If so, do not skip over the home inspection process. This is a measure of action that will protect you and possibly save you money. It is ideal to have a pre-inspection, and you need to know four critical factors if you are going to be proactive about the process.  Finding a Qualified Inspector You can get a list of inspectors from your realtor. Read More