Personal Topics To Discuss With Your Spouse Before You Buy A Home

Whether you've been renting and are getting ready to buy your first home or you've been a homeowner for years and are looking to buy again, it's important to avoid rushing into the process. Instead, you and your spouse should give some ample time to thinking about your needs, as doing so can often help you to understand exactly the type of home you'll want to buy. Rather than specifically thinking about the features of your desired home, it's useful to talk about some personal topics that will influence the choice you make. When you and your spouse come to a consensus after discussing these topics, you'll be ready to hire a real estate agent and share your intentions.

Family Size

The size of your family is an important personal topic to discuss with your spouse before you begin shopping. Don't strictly think of the size of your family now — you should also think about whether you plan to have children, how many, and when. The answers you come up with can influence your house purchase in several ways. For example, if you plan to have two children in the next five years, you may want a house with ample bedrooms, some backyard space, and a location close to schools. If you do not plan to have children, your ideal home may look different.

Earning Potential

You and your spouse need to think about how much you're earning now and how much you anticipate earning in the future. While it might be impossible to predict everything, some careful consideration in this area is smart. When you think about your incomes, you'll be able to ensure that you buy a home that suits your budget. Some people buy a home at the very top end of their budget, but this can lead to financial stress. And, if one person takes a different job that pays less, the family may have trouble paying the mortgage.

Upkeep Time

Some people love the idea of constantly working on the upkeep of their home, while others would rather spend minimal time doing these tasks. It's important to be honest when you discuss this topic with your spouse. For example, if you're a do-it-yourselfer, you might be happy buying a fixer-upper home. If you love being outside, you might wish to buy a place with a large lot. Conversely, if you're too busy with other projects or dislike upkeep projects, you may wish to buy a condo.

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