Get These Fireplace-Related Things Done Before You Sell Your Home

If you have a fireplace in the home that you're about to put on the market to sell, it's a good idea to spend a little time and money on this heat source. Doing so can definitely make your home more enticing for prospective buyers, as well as avoid any problems that may arise during a future home inspection. Here are some useful things to get done before your house goes up for sale.

Book A Chimney Inspection

You should plan to have your chimney inspected annually. Some homeowners don't always get this job done with this frequency, but it's important if you're attempting to sell your home. In fact, depending on the time of year that you're listing the home, it can be a good idea to have the inspection completed right before the house goes up for sale. You can then make sure that your real estate listing includes a mention of the fact that the chimney has been inspected in the last month, for example. This can increase the confidence of people who may be considering making an offer on your home.

Hire A Contractor To Fix Any Problems

A worn-out fireplace or chimney will definitely be caught by a home inspector, which means that a prospective buyer interested in your home could fail to submit an offer because of concerns over the fireplace. Depending on what the inspection turns up, it's a good idea to hire a contractor to fix any fireplace-related issues. For example, if your chimney has some loose bricks or the cap on top needs to be replaced, having this work done — and including the date of the work in the real estate listing — will work to your advantage. You want prospective buyers to look at the fireplace and its associated elements as a desirable feature in the home, not a hassle that will require work right away.

Supply A Load Of Firewood

Ordering a load of firewood before your house goes on the market isn't something that will make or break the deal, but it's a nice gesture that many prospective buyers will view favorably — especially if the weather will soon turn cold. If you're selling the home in the early fall and there's no firewood stacked outside, the buyer will have to add ordering a load to his or her long to-do list upon moving in; conversely, a fresh load of wood ready to be burned shows that this job has already been done for the new homeowner.