Running Away As An Adult: Places You Can Own/Rent For Personal Sanity

Sometimes "adulting" is just too hard. You feel like you are going to crack, go postal, maybe even harm yourself and/or others. Running away sounds like a fantastic idea, but the truth is that you know you have responsibilities. What you need is your own little "getaway" quiet space. When you do not have that at home (and most mothers do not!) you need to find it somewhere else. Here are some suggestions on places you can either own or rent to which you can safely " Read More 

Working From Home And Looking For A New Apartment? 3 Things To Look For

As a self-employed individual or contracted employee that simply works from home, there are a few things that you need to prioritize when you begin looking for a new apartment. A lot of people make the mistake of ending up with an apartment that is counterproductive to their productivity. If you're eager to find a new apartment due to your existing lease ending or for a new chance of pace, there are a few things that you should look for you to be satisfied working from home. Read More 

Evaluating Properties For Sale Before Visiting

If you are looking for properties for sale, you might have many resources and a lot of items on your list. Narrowing them down before you make a visit to the property is key to an effective real estate hunt. Here are some ways to search for and select ideal properties for sale. Make Your List of Wants and Must-Haves Before you begin narrowing down your list, you might have an idea of what properties for sale in your budget range are offering after just a preliminary look. Read More 

Gauging Who Owns The Mineral Rights To A New Property

When you take a look at the title of a new piece of property, you need to understand who owns the mineral rights. If you don't own them, it is important to track down who does and to find out if they will be willing to transfer them to you. This can help you make a lot of money if you try to obtain the minerals or sell them to a company who will. Read More 

Show Respect For Your Real Estate Agent By Avoiding These Mistakes

Whether you're looking to sell your home or buy a new home, it's important that you establish a strong relationship with your real estate agent. Respect should go both ways — you want your agent to treat you fairly and represent you professionally, but it's also important that you show respect back. You can strengthen this relationship by avoiding some mistakes that many real estate clients make. Here are some things you should avoid. Read More