Preparing Your Self Storage Unit For Maximum Efficiency And Safety

Even the most secure self-storage facilities offer little more than a bare room with a door that can be locked from the outside. For anyone who plans to store items that are vulnerable to the elements or that need to be organized for easy access, it can be beneficial to prepare your space before moving anything in. Doing so is relatively easy, but in exchange for a few hours of your time and the cost of some organizational aids you can ensure that everything you store will be in the state you left it and easily located every time you open the door. Read More 

Itsy Bitsy Enigmas: 5 New Facts About Spiders

Spiders, like snakes, wolves and sharks, get a lot of bad press. Much of what we think we know about spiders comes from urban myths and legends. But researchers continue to study the spider, and have found 5 amazing new facts about them. 1) We humans are better at detecting snakes than spiders. It might seem that humans would be more alert to the presence of spiders, since they are more numerous in homes than snakes. Read More 

4 Reasons To Live In Mount Vernon, Texas

Mount Vernon may seem like a small Texas town- in fact, it is touted as the smallest city in all of Texas- but it is big in community awareness, history, and fun things to do. Discover why Mount Vernon should be on your list when thinking of moving to a quiet Texas locale. Low population While growing rapidly, Mount Vernon boasts a close-knit community with under 3,000 residents. This means a low student-to-teacher ratio for families, and quiet communities for people to enjoy living in. Read More 

3 Items To Include On Your Rental Contract As The Landlord

Deciding to let others live in your property (like ABA Rental Properties Inc) is a big decision for many property owners. It's important to protect yourself as much as possible by creating a detailed rental contract. Knowing the right items to list on this contractual agreement could make the difference between having a good rental experience and a bad one. The success of your rental business could easily lie in what you put on the rental contract. Read More 

How To Organize Your Kitchen Pantry To Help Sell Your Home

If you're trying to sell your home, you already know that the kitchen is either a turn-on or a turn-off. Even if you have a small kitchen, you can make it desirable to potential buyers by organizing the pantry in a way that looks like there is a lot of space. This guide demonstrates the steps to take to organize your pantry, so that those who are viewing your home see its potential for their own lives. Read More