Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Home With A Pool

A swimming pool is a 'must have' on many people's home buying wish lists. A pool home can provide hours of fun for your friends and family right in your own backyard. There are, however, a few key things you need to know before buying a pool home.


Every municipality has specific regulations regarding pool safety. Make sure you know what is expected of you as a pool owner, including:

  • Pool fencing. Most, but not all, municipalities require secure fencing around backyard pools in order to prevent accidental drownings. The Consumer Product Safety Division sets four feet as a minimum height for fencing but recommends up to five feet for added security.
  • Yard fencing. Some areas require privacy fencing around the perimeter of the yard. This may be in addition to or in lieu of a pool safety fence.
  • Exterior door. While the type of exterior door you have on the rear of your home may not be enforced by code, having a security lock on a sliding glass door that is too high for a child to reach can prevent accidents. 

Keeping your pool inaccessible to unsupervised children is the key to increasing the safety of your pool.


Like your home, pools require regular maintenance. Whether you hire it out or decide to do the work yourself, it includes chores like:

  • Weekly cleaning. Pools need to be cleaned of leaves and debris on a weekly basis. There are motorized units that can accomplish this task or you can do it manually with a long-handled skimmer or pool leaf rake. 
  • Chemical treatment. Whether you have a traditional chlorine pool or a saltwater pool, you need to test the chemical, pH, and calcium levels of the water on a weekly basis. Proper levels ensure clean water and inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae. 
  • Winterizing. Depending on your climate, your pool may need to be winterized at the end of the season. This could mean adjusting the chemicals as the seasons change to completely draining the pool and adding a snow-proof cover.  

The idea of pool maintenance should not deter you from buying a pool home as the time output is minimal.


Be sure to talk to your insurance provider about adding a pool to your homeowner's insurance policy. There may be added costs or responsibilities that should be aware of. 

Buying a home with a pool is a dream come true for many home buyers and with good reason. Remember these steps when considering a pool home for sale.