Luxurious Apartment Amenities That Attract Tenants

An apartment can offer many of the same amenities that a luxurious single-family home provides. However, the monthly cost and upkeep of an apartment are usually much less. Additionally, renting tenants do not have to commit to purchasing their unit. As a result, many people are desiring to move into apartment communities that offer luxurious accommodations. 

If you are the owner of an apartment complex and would like to attract tenants who enjoy high-end, luxurious amenities, there are multiple features that you may want to place within your apartment units or complex. Here are a few of them.

Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Many people are choosing electric vehicles over their gasoline-powered counterparts because of the economic and environmental advantages of electric energy. To attract tenants who are ecologically conscious, consider adding a charging station for electric vehicles in an easily accessible area of the complex. Keep in mind that the charging station benefits more than the tenants. Some states offer tax credits for the installation of electric charging stations.

Landscaped Outdoor Spaces

In metropolitan areas, a quality green space can be quite desirable. Be sure to keep the area well manicured for the comfort and safety of the residents. Also, consider adding benches and other comfortable seating areas to help your guests unwind and enjoy the space.

Also, consider adding an area for pet owners to walk their dogs. Pet owners often consider their pets to be a part of their family, and the presence of a specialized area for dogs could help draw those prospective tenants to your complex.

High-Speed WiFi

Many hotels offer community WiFi access. The service is usually accessible using a shared password. To ensure that the tenants within your apartments have a quality internet connection, like a hotel, you could provide high-speed WiFi for all of your residents. Be sure that the WiFi signal is strong at all sites on your property, including courtyards, green spaces, and fitness areas.

Smart Home Features  

Many luxurious houses are controlled by state-of-the-art smart devices. This same technology can be applied in an apartment setting.

By installing smart features that allow tenants to control their lighting, locks, and temperature regulation using their smartphone, you can attract tenants who are seeking modern, high-end accommodations but don't want to purchase a home.

To learn more about the types of apartment amenities that attract qualified tenants, schedule an appointment with a local real estate professional who specializes in rental units.