Got a Dirty Couch? 4 Questions You May Have About Upholstery Cleaning

If your couch is dirty or smells, it may be time to have upholstery cleaning done. If you have never had your couch cleaned before, you may have many questions about this process. Here are a few of the questions you may have as well as the answers. 

Can Upholstery Cleaning Remove All Stains?

Upholstery cleaning is designed to remove dirt, dust and residue from couches, as well as to remove deep and set-in stains. Upholstery cleaning can remove tough stains including fruit juice, wine, mud, blood and ink. Smells can also be removed from the fabric with the process including pet smells and cigarette smoke scents. However, while many stains and smells can be removed, there may be some that won't lift. A professional will do their best, but if the stain dyed the fabric, the stain may not lift. 

Can All Couches Be Professionally Cleaned?

All upholstered couches can be professionally cleaned with upholstery cleaning. A professional will test the material on your couch in an inconspicuous place to ensure the material is color fast and able to withstand the process if there are any doubts to ensure your sofa is not damaged. 

How Often Should a Couch Be Professionally Cleaned? 

A couch should be professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. Having the couch professionally cleaned often helps to remove dirt, dust, skin cells, dander and debris that can fill up the  cushioning on the couch. Professional cleaning also helps to restore the fiber on the couch, helping it to look as close to new as it possibly can. In addition to this, the couch should be cleaned as quickly as possible following a spill that may stain the couch. The longer the stain sits, the harder it will be to remove. 

How Long Will it Take the Couch to Dry? 

After having your couch cleaned, you will have to allow the couch to fully dry before you or your family can sit on it again. This may leave you wondering how long it will take to dry. There are many factors that determine how long it will take to dry including the weather and the material your couch is made from. In most cases, it will take about six to 12 hours for the couch to dry. If it is sunny and warm outside, opening up your doors and windows can help it to dry faster. 

If it has been a year or longer, or your couch is stained or smelly, now is a great time to schedule your appointment to have your couch professionally cleaned. This helps to restore the couch as close to new as it can get, leaving you with a clean, great-smelling place to sit and relax.