Live In An Apartment? 3 Tips For Preventing Your Dog From Barking Indoors

Even though you might love your four-legged friend and might be willing to overlook some of its bad behavior, chances are good that your neighbors are not too amused by its barking, particularly if you live in close quarters in an apartment complex. Plus, it could land you in trouble with your landlord if you aren't careful. Luckily, following these three tips will help prevent your dog from barking indoors, which can make apartment living a lot more pleasant for everyone who is involved.

1. Block the View 

First of all, if your dog is able to see people walking by and other "bark-worthy" things outside your windows, it'll increase the chances of barking. This means that it's smart to cover up your windows so that your dog can't see all of these exciting distractions. Consider covering up your windows with dark curtains or shades to block the view; blinds can work as well but can be easier for a bored dog to destroy as it tries to look through the slats. Along with helping to keep your noisy dog quiet, blocking the windows can also help block out the sunlight, which can help protect your furnishings from fading and can lower your cooling bills.

2. Drown Out Outside Noise

No matter how quiet your neighbors might try to be, chances are good that your dog will hear footsteps, car doors closing and other similar sounds. These noises can happen anywhere, but they can be even more prevalent in an apartment, where you're generally surrounded by more neighbors who are in a closer proximity. Consider drowning out some of the noise with a white noise machine or turning on the radio at a reasonably low volume and leaving it on throughout the day. You can also leave your television on to block out the noise and to provide some entertainment, since some dogs actually do like to watch TV. If you do choose to leave on the TV, consider putting it on something animal-related to help keep your pooch interested.

3. Keep Your Dog Entertained

Along with blocking out the views and noise from outside, it's a good idea to invest in a few toys or bones to help keep your dog entertained during the day. If your dog is busy chewing on a bone or playing with a favorite toy, it can be less likely to be distracted by outside noises or to bark due to boredom. Plus, keeping your dog entertained with its own toys can also help prevent it from destroying your stuff or causing expensive damage to the apartment, such as by chewing or scratching at walls or doors. This can help you save money and avoid making your landlord mad at the same time!