3 Reasons Your HOA Should Provide Lawn Maintenance For Residents

Although your homeowners association probably takes care of lawn maintenance for all of the common areas in the neighborhood, such as at the entrance to the community and in the area near the pool or playground, there's a good chance that residents are on their own when it comes to taking care of their own yards. However, it can be well worth it for homeowners associations to provide lawn maintenance services for everyone who lives in the neighborhood, even if this requires a slight increase in homeowners association dues. These are some of the reasons why you should consider implementing this in your community.

1. Ensure a Cohesive Look

Neighborhoods look better when they are cohesive. It's best when all of the yards have the same type of grass and similar types of bushes and flowers. Plus, if residents cut their grass at different times, there's a good chance that some lawns will look manicured while others stand out for being a bit too "shaggy." If a lawn maintenance company does all of the maintenance for the entire neighborhood at once, however, it will help ensure that all of the grass is of the same height and that the plants all work well with each other. This can make the neighborhood look more appealing and can help property values stay well-maintained.

2. Help Prevent Violations

Your homeowners association probably has at least some rules in place regarding lawn care. You might have rules about how tall the grass can be before it needs to be cut, and you might have restrictions against gas-powered weed whackers and other equipment. Policing the entire neighborhood to ensure that there are no violations isn't any fun for anyone who is involved, but it is a necessity in many cases. If you provide lawn maintenance for all of the residents, however, you can help prevent violations. This will ensure that everyone is following the rules, reduce the workload of the homeowners association and help prevent arguments between residents and the HOA.

3. Make Residents Happy

Homeowners associations are supposed to provide more than just rules that residents have to follow. A good HOA also offers perks that help make the neighborhood a better place to live. If residents know that they can enjoy a beautiful lawn without having to do the work themselves, they are sure to appreciate the homeowners association more than ever.

As you can see, your homeowners association should consider providing lawn maintenance to all of the residents of the neighborhood. If this isn't something that your HOA has thought about yet, it might be a good idea to pitch the idea at the next meeting. For more information, contact an HOA management company like The Noble Company of South Carolina, LLC.