4 Reasons To Live In Mount Vernon, Texas

Mount Vernon may seem like a small Texas town- in fact, it is touted as the smallest city in all of Texas- but it is big in community awareness, history, and fun things to do. Discover why Mount Vernon should be on your list when thinking of moving to a quiet Texas locale.

Low population

While growing rapidly, Mount Vernon boasts a close-knit community with under 3,000 residents. This means a low student-to-teacher ratio for families, and quiet communities for people to enjoy living in. If you still want to go into the city, however, your commute is not long, so you aren't secluded in this small town.

Beautiful lake access

Lake Cypress Springs is part of Mount Vernon's appeal, and offers recreational activities as well as beautiful waterfront property that residents can enjoy. There are private homes on this large lake, as well as boat docks open to the public for water skiing, wake boarding, swimming, and more. The lake is regularly stocked with crappie, largemouth and black bass, and large catfish for enjoyable fishing. Purchasing a home right on the river means you can enjoy the luxurious feel of being on vacation every day, but many houses not on the waterfront are still within a short drive or walk from this iconic lake.

Fun things to do

There are many historical war homes located in Mount Vernon that can be viewed on a private or public tour. The Plaza features a world war memorial. You can also enjoy the old historic downtown stores and buildings. The Old 1912 jail features an exhibit for curious visitors. The large Franklin County Library has many books and activities for children and adults alike. All of these can keep both your family and your visitors suitably entertained.

Low cost of living

Compared to the rest of the United States, Mount Vernon is a rather cheap place to live. Cost of living is ranked on an average of 100. Mount Vernon settles in at 77.5, which makes it almost 23% cheaper to buy groceries, provide transportation, buy housing, and other necessities than the rest of the nation.

If you are ready to move to a great location, Mount Vernon, Texas should be at the top of your list. Whether you want a home right on the lake or a quiet, modest property that you can call your own closer to town, there are many things this great small city can offer you. Your real estate agent can help you locate the perfect home for your budget and needs.