Keep Termites Out Of Your Garden

People typically think of termites infecting houses and buildings; however, termites can be found anywhere wood can be found. That includes your garden. If you have noticed termites in your garden, follow the steps below to stop the termites before they take over your garden.

Termites Like Wood, Not Fruits And Vegetables

Termites love to eat wood and drink water. They feed primarily on cellulose. They do not want to eat your fruit or your vegetables. So if you have spotted some termites in your garden, it is not because they want to eat your garden. You have another type of food source that they want. 

Identify The Source Of Their Food

Now that you know that the termites are not after what is growing in your garden, you need to identify what the termites are after. Look for decaying logs, excessive wood bark, or mud nests on nearby trees.

Remove The Food Source

One way to treat termites is to remove the food source. You can remove any wood or bark that the termites are feasting on. Termites tend to like older wood. If you have old wood in or near your garden, remove it and replace it with something the termites will not enjoy, like plastic or treated wood.

If you have a woodpile near your garden, you should move the wood pile away from your garden and your house. You do not want to invite termites into your garden and your home. 

If there are a lot of dead branches and leaves on the ground near your garden, you need to remove them from your garden. This is another great source of food for termites. Wait and see if the termites dissipate before moving on to the next step.

Reduce The Moisture 

In addition to wood, termites really like water. Another way to treat the termites in your garden is to reduce the water in your garden. Make sure you do not have any leaking spigots near the infected area adding extra moisture to the soil. You should also make sure that you are not over-watering the area. 

Use Pesticides To Clear Them Out

You want to be careful with how you treat the termites after you figure out where they are located. You do not want to use a pesticide that will seep into your soil and damage your garden. You should use pesticides if the other methods listed above did not work. You can use a pyrethrum pesticide in and around your garden. You want to spray at least five feet from your plants. You can also use boric acid and sprinkle it around the garden.

Create A Barrier Around Your Garden

Once you have gotten rid of the termites in your garden, you should make a barrier to prevent any termites from returning. You should use 16-grit sand and rocks to create a pathway between your garden beds. You should also create a barrier around your house to prevent termites from venturing over there.

If you find termites in your garden, they are not after the food you are growing, they are after the wood that is in or near your garden. First, you need to identify and remove their food source. Remember, they also like moisture, so make sure that you are not over-watering and that no water is leaking into the nearby soil. If that does not get rid of them, you can treat the termites with pesticides, but be careful not to contaminate your garden. If you need additional help, you can always call up a termite control or pest removal company.