Itsy Bitsy Enigmas: 5 New Facts About Spiders

Spiders, like snakes, wolves and sharks, get a lot of bad press. Much of what we think we know about spiders comes from urban myths and legends. But researchers continue to study the spider, and have found 5 amazing new facts about them. 1) We humans are better at detecting snakes than spiders. It might seem that humans would be more alert to the presence of spiders, since they are more numerous in homes than snakes. Read More 

3 Items To Include On Your Rental Contract As The Landlord

Deciding to let others live in your property (like ABA Rental Properties Inc) is a big decision for many property owners. It's important to protect yourself as much as possible by creating a detailed rental contract. Knowing the right items to list on this contractual agreement could make the difference between having a good rental experience and a bad one. The success of your rental business could easily lie in what you put on the rental contract. Read More 

3 Ways To Stop A Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs can be troublesome pests to get rid of, especially once they've established a nest or multiple nests in your home. Pesticides are not always the best option and can, in fact, be completely ineffective. Bed bugs can make a mess of your home and can even potentially be a heath risk, so it's a good idea to stop an infestation before it gets any worse. One question remains: What's the best way to get rid of them? Read More 

Boost Your Employees Productivity With A Sweet-Smelling Environment

Believe it or not, hiring a cleaning service may help with productivity. The right cleaning company can help your employees concentrate by increasing their brain power. The secret lies in choosing cleaning products that have a certain scent. How Does It Work? All your senses, including your olfactory sense, are connected to your brain, as you probably remember from biology. Your olfactory sense is directly connected to the amygdala and your hippocampus. Read More 

Being A Wise Home-Seller: What You Should Disclose

If you are selling your house and want to stay out of the courtroom, there are certain things you have to disclose according to the state you live in. This will ensure that the buyer knows what they are getting into when they purchase. If you plan to buy and sell properties regularly, be open and honest will enhance your reputation as someone who is trustworthy. General Things to Know You should be aware that doing things to hide structural damage/defects or environmental hazards is illegal. Read More