Understanding The Important Role That Title Examiners Play In The Home Buying Process

There are several real estate professionals that play a role in the process of buying a home. One of these professionals is known as a title examiner or a title searcher. The role that this examiner plays is very important. Continue reading below to learn more about this role and how it can help to protect your best interest when purchasing your new home.

Establish Legal Right To Sell

In order for a homeowner to legally sell their property, they will need to ensure that there are no liens currently listed against the property. If you purchase a home that has liens against it, you could find yourself being legally responsible for paying these debts even though they were originally incurred by the previous owner. That is why title examiners take the time to carefully search all public records relating to the property in order to ensure that the current owner has the legal right to sell the property and that all liens will be satisfied as part of the purchase process. In many cases, you will find that a mortgage lender will not finalize your financing until this important piece of the home buying puzzle is in place.

Complete Summary Documents

Summary documents relating to the physical barriers, tax records, and ownership transfers of the property you wish to purchase will need to be included in the legal documentation of your purchase. A copy of these documents will typically be maintained by your attorney, and a copy will also be provided to your lender and filed with the property clerk in your area. Once a title examiner has completed their due diligence in researching the property records, they will complete these summary documents and provide them to the appropriate individuals. This step will be very important if the legal description or ownership of your property were to be called into question anytime in the future. 

Discover Any Property Restrictions

It is quite common for residential properties to come with some legal restrictions. For instance, you will likely find that an easement is in place that allows local utility companies the right to access your property in order to maintain the equipment necessary for the safe delivery of the utilities that they provide. In some cases, a property may also be restricted due to the location if they are part of a homeowners association. A title examiner—such as The Title Doctors Inc.—will be able to provide you with detailed information regarding any restrictions placed on the property so that you can make the best possible decision regarding your desire to move forward with the purchase of this property.