Residential Properties That Can Increase Your Income

If you are planning to invest in real estate, a residential real estate company may be able to help. There are multiple types of residential properties that can be used to increase your income. Here are a few of them.

Vacation Homes

A vacation home can be a great source of residual income. You can enjoy staying in the home with your family periodically throughout the year. However, when you are not occupying the property, you can rent or lease it to guests.

The real estate company can oversee the rental and leasing agreements while ensuring that the property is ready to receive new guests at the end of each stay.

As you search for the right property for your needs, they can present you with multiple residential options in an area that you desire. Keep in mind that a vacation property must be in a desirable area to attract renters. Also, homes that include numerous bedrooms and bathrooms and a large amount of square footage tend to rent for higher prices.


Sometimes, homes that are in great neighborhoods don't sell quickly because they require updates and repairs. A realtor can help you locate a property with superficial repairs you can afford. Once you acquire and restore the property, you can likely sell it for a large profit.

Still, for a quick turnaround, it's important for the home to be in an area of town that garners a large amount of buyer interest. Additionally, you should have plans to advertise the home as soon as it is ready to be placed back on the market.

Your realtor can help you organize an open house to allow many buyers to see the property during a single event.

Multi-family Homes

If you can afford to buy a duplex or a small apartment complex, you may be able to increase your monthly income immediately, especially if the property is already fully occupied. Each month, you can enjoy receiving rent that helps to cover the cost of the property and improve your cash flow.

Residential real estate that houses multiple families may be subject to certain governing regulations that your realtor can review with you before you purchase a property. Additionally, the real estate company that handles your transaction may be able to recommend or supply a leasing manager for your property.

To view investment properties in your area, contact a local real estate company.