What Are Some Signs That A Condo Is Safe To Live In?

One of the biggest considerations when you're purchasing a home is the crime rate. High crime rates mean low property values, high insurance rates, and (of course) a greater risk to yourself and your family. Many neighborhoods are rated by how safe they are. When looking at homes and condos, there are some signs that the area you're looking in is low in crime.

New Surveillance Systems

Is the surveillance system brand new and well-updated? Or does it look like it's older? Modern companies are going to install "Internet of Things" cameras, which can alert security guards to things like motion being detected in areas that should be quiet. An old, black-and-white, grainy CCTV isn't going to be as safe.

The Quality of Maintenance

There's something called the "Broken Window" theory: if a place is poorly maintained, it attracts crime. Criminals reason that having broken windows and other similar issues indicate to the criminal that the area is not being supervised. If the condo has excellent maintenance overall, it's less likely to attract these types of unsavory characters.

High Ownership Ratio

In general, owners tend to take better care of a property than renters. Renters also come and go more frequently, and it's not always possible to tell whether they're non-violent. If the condo complex has a high ownership to renter ratio, then it's more likely to be a safe complex. If there are a lot of renters, you should find out whether the renters are managed by a property management company, and whether thorough background checks are completed.

Gated Parking

A lot of crime happens in parking lots. Vehicles are broken into and stolen, or people are mugged when they're coming back home late at night. Gated parking facilities keep you safe. If the condo has gated parking and a buzz-in feature for people trying to get in, it's less likely to be high risk. After all, you want to feel comfortable in your own home. The only way to do that is to make sure that your home is well-secured around its perimeter.

Bright Lighting

Lighting scares criminals. It scares car thieves, burglars, and muggers. Not only should the condo have bright floodlights around it, but it should have motion-activated lights in areas that are less likely to be traversed at night (such as parking lots or gardens). This saves energy and improves safety.

High crime areas aren't necessarily dangerous to live in, but they do increase your inherent level of risk. These are areas in which you can get mugged or robbed, which isn't always the best place to feel at home. Looking for a low crime neighborhood is a great way to get the most out of your new living situation.

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