4 Luxury Apartment Amenities You’ll Probably Actually Use

When looking for an apartment, you will soon notice that the more amenities an apartment offers, the more it will cost to live in. Some luxury amenities may be things you can do without. For example, you may not need to pay an extra $200 a month to live in a place with mahogany floors or an extra-long bathtub. However, there are some luxury amenities that are often worth paying a little more for.

A fitness center

If an apartment community has a fitness center, that's sure to be an asset. Think about all the times you would have gone to the gym, but did not have the energy to leave your home again and drive to the gym. When the fitness center is right down the hall or down the street, you're more likely to actually use it. And since you will save money by not having to pay for a gym membership, this will help account for the greater cost of living in a place with a fitness center.

Eat-in kitchens

Large, eat-in kitchens with islands have come to be seen as a luxury feature. This is space that won't go to waste. You can have friends over, and they can sit in the kitchen and chat with you as you cook. A larger kitchen also makes things easier if you have kids, since they can sit in the kitchen and do homework, and you can supervise them as you're preparing dinner or breakfast.

USB Charging Outlets

This is a little thing, but one that will make a huge difference. USB charging outlets make it possible for you to plug your phone and other devices straight into the wall without having to search for an adapter. An apartment does not need to have them at every outlet, but if it has them in a few rooms, like in the kitchen or living room, that's an amenity worth paying for.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats, also known as WiFi thermostats, come in really handy. They enable you to turn the temperature up and down when you're not at home, so your home is always comfortable. This helps lower your energy bills, and it also lets you track your energy use over time. 

If you find an apartment that offers the amenities above, that place just might be perfect for you. They might be billed as luxury amenities, but they really are worth paying for.

For more information on luxury apartments, contact a realtor.