Running Away As An Adult: Places You Can Own/Rent For Personal Sanity

Sometimes "adulting" is just too hard. You feel like you are going to crack, go postal, maybe even harm yourself and/or others. Running away sounds like a fantastic idea, but the truth is that you know you have responsibilities. What you need is your own little "getaway" quiet space. When you do not have that at home (and most mothers do not!) you need to find it somewhere else. Here are some suggestions on places you can either own or rent to which you can safely "run away" when you need your "me" time.

Studio Apartments

Many small studio apartments that are less than 600 square feet are reasonably priced. If you find a really tiny one or one that only costs about $400/month or less and it is not infested with roaches or other pests, take it. You can throw a cot, a chair, and a table in there along with a TV or a stack of books. Stash some of your favorite hobby items under the bed. Whatever it is you wish you could do that your family is not allowing you to do at home, put it in your studio apartment. The sense of freedom and calm is often more than enough, but having some of your favorite things there does not hurt either. 

Large Backyard Sheds

Some big box stores sell these backyard sheds that look like cottages. While odd-looking for storage sheds, they are most inviting to moms who want to lock themselves inside for a few hours of peace and quiet. If you have the room, drop one of these sheds on your property for a cool grand or two, and then "run away" as often as you need to.

Man-Caves and Woman-Caves (or "She-Sheds")

Guys typically claim the garage or the basement for their sanity, but what about moms? You can get a "woman-cave" or "she-shed" custom built by companies that are now realizing that there is a market for this kind of thing. They can be as small as a one-story cottage, or as big as an artist's studio or two-story double-wide garage. Whatever you want and need in your quiet hideaway on your property, these companies can build it for you. Should your male spouse or male significant other also need a "man-cave" of his own (or an upgrade) so he does not bother you, these companies can build that for you too.