Four Winning Strategies For Home Inspections ~ You Need To Read These Before You Buy

Are you ready to buy a home? If so, do not skip over the home inspection process. This is a measure of action that will protect you and possibly save you money. It is ideal to have a pre-inspection, and you need to know four critical factors if you are going to be proactive about the process. 

Finding a Qualified Inspector

You can get a list of inspectors from your realtor. Keep in mind that you are not obligated to use an inspector from their list of professionals, and the inspectors on the list will likely have different price quotes. Remembering the importance of the inspection should deter you from choosing an inspector solely on the premise of them offering a lower inspection quote. Ensure you know which types of inspections will be performed because this may also account for significant differences in inspection quotes. For example, an inspector's quote may seem lower in comparison to others you receive, but they also may not be quoting a comprehensive inspection. 

Determining Inspections Needed

There are a number of inspection types available. Perhaps you have already been presented with inspection data from another source. Some savvy individuals prefer to have their  own inspections performed to ensure that the information found in other inspections is true. If a property you are interested in has previous owners, a comprehensive inspection may be best. Ensure that the inspector you choose to work with will provide an inspection that is easy for you to understand.

Issues Inspectors May Find

Keep in mind that a new home may not be riddled with issues that you could find in older homes. For example, asbestos might be present in an older home, but this building material is no longer used due to it being linked to cancer. There might also be water damage issues that are not immediately obvious, but mold and plumbing inspections could reveal these problems. The "perks" that are causing you to be drawn to a particular property could also have issues. For example, some fireplaces may be in need of repairs to properly operate, and some of them may even harbor pests such as bats. Thick trees and bushes could be harboring a secret in the sewer or septic drain lines of the home if the roots have grown in them. 

Determining Who Will Fix Issues

Sometimes the seller of the home may agree to making repairs prior to selling their home. Others may negotiate pricing based on the quotes for the repairs. You might discover too many issues with a particular home and opt not to buy it, which means that you can continue to search for homes for sale in your area that have the features you desire.