Fair And Square: How To Fairly Divide Up Office Suites

If you are working with a small office space, having the appropriate space to accomplish all of the necessary office functions can be difficult. If there are offices that are set up for vice presidents, presidents, or C-level executives, these are likely to have more space and sit near windows or off in corners where it is most likely to be quiet. If your business is growing but you intend to remain in your current location, it may not be feasible to give every executive an office. Here is how you can divide up office space to have a more efficient workspace. 

Install sliding door room dividers

In order to keep rooms specifically for executives, like those from DeskNWork, but to offer more offices in general, divide the large offices with a sliding door room divider. Make sure to install a wall room divider, so that the opposing sides are completely blocked from sight and so that sound is muffled. This will allow for privacy but it will also allow for the housing of more executives and managers within the office space. Be sure to have the same nice furniture, executive chairs, upgraded technology, and plants in each office. 

Install row desks

Rather than keeping everyone in a cubicle, install rows of desks. Each desk can have what employees need, including the usage of their own desktop cork board for messages and reminders. One reason why you should install row desks rather than cubicles is because it is easier for workers to collaborate with one another and ask for help. Rows of desks, rather than tight cubicles mean that those who are in wheelchairs or those who are larger in size can more easily get to their desk and perform work duties. If a little privacy is necessary or of interest, a privacy shield can be placed in front of the desk. 

Reserve one room for all equipment

Reserve one office room for any of the equipment that your employees will need to use. All community equipment, such as copy and fax machines, as well as any community food and drink, like a coffee bar, should be stationed inside of this room. This allows the company to lock up the room at night to keep equipment protected. This also keeps non-work activities off of the main floor and provides a private space for a respite. Having this in a room means that no one feels that their desk area becomes crowded because they are located near the copy maker or office water cooler, allowing for attention to be paid to work.