Catering To The Sales Season: Staging Your Home For Summer

When it comes to home sales, summer is one of the busiest seasons. If you're getting ready to list your home on the market, you need to make sure that you're preparing it for a summer sales season so that you can compete in a high-inventory, high-demand market. Here are some tips to make the most of the summer season for your home staging. 

Start with the Lawn

Whether you've already gotten a head start on the landscaping this spring or you're playing catch-up now that you've decided to sell, start by cleaning everything up outside. Make sure that your lawn is watered well, full and green. If you have bare patches, seed them right away so that they can start filling in. Look for a landscaper who can help you keep weeds at bay, too.

Trim the shrubs, trees and bushes around the yard as well. Consider adding some transplanted flowers in the flower beds or create new flower beds if you don't already have them. The color and scent of the flowers will make your home seem more inviting.

Create Outdoor Space

Once you've gotten the lawn in good shape, it's time to start creating an outdoor space that potential buyers can envision using. Make the most of any patio, sidewalk or other space by setting up a grill, patio furniture, and even a large umbrella or awning. The goal is to showcase these areas because summer is a time for enjoying the outdoors. During an open house, make sure this whole area is clean and staged to make people feel welcome.

Think about what types of things would entice you to buy a house. Maybe it means setting up a volleyball net in the backyard or staging the pool with plush towels and other supplies. The more realistic things appear the easier it is for someone to envision themselves living there.

Keep Things Cool

Make sure the air conditioning is set at a cool, comfortable level for any showing. You want people to feel refreshed and cool when they come in from the heat. You can take that a step further by setting up pitchers with lemonade, iced tea or ice water, too. Consider putting bottles of water in your refrigerator as part of your refrigerator staging, and add fresh seasonal fruit to really round out that summer vibe.

By catering to the season when you'll be showing your home, you can increase the chances of landing an offer. Talk with your home sales agent today to see what other tips you can incorporate in your home.