How To Dismantle An Above-Ground Pool For Transport

If you are moving to another house, and you have an above-ground pool, you may wonder whether or not you should move it. Pools are an expensive investment that you don't want to leave behind or damage during a move. It is possible to dismantle an above-ground pool to transport it to a new location. Here are some tips to dismantle an above-ground pool for moving.

Prepare the Pool

For this project, you need:

  • container to store hardware
  • duct tape
  • wrench
  • lubricant such as WD40
  • hose or submersible sump pump
  • shop vacuum
  • pool liner (optional)

Examine the bottom plates and bottom track of the pool. If the track or plates have rust, it is best to leave the pool in place. If the pool is oval-shaped, check the a-frames for rot, and inspect the straps below the pool for rust. Contact the manufacturer to find out it they are still in business in case you need new parts.

Drain the Water

Twenty-four hours before you plan to move the pool, remove inflatable accessories,skimmers, and pumps, then drain the water using a hose to spigot. Set one end of the hose in the pool bottom, and attach the other end to a spigot.

Try to drain water downhill so you won't get complaints from neighbors.Vacuum access water with a shop vac.You can also use a submersible sump pump to drain water faster.

Dismantle the Pool

Take a picture of the pool assembly as you disconnect to help you recall how everything goes. Detach the top rails on the pool wall with a screwdriver.

Remove the plastic cap and sleeves that secure the liner. You should be able to remove the cap and liner by hand. Store hardware in a container. If the liner isn't damaged, carefully remove it, then lay the liner on the ground to dry.

Get an assistant or two to help hold the walls while you disconnect the bolts with a wrench. If the bolts are hard to remove, apply a lubricant on them.

Once the walls are disconnected, roll them tightly with assistance, and duct tape them together to keep them from expanding during the move.Label similar pieces and hardware to keep track of them. Fold the liner for easy transport.

You don't have to leave fond memories behind when you move. Dismantling your above-ground pool yourself saves time on moving. If you are unsure about moving the pool yourself hire professional movers. Inform the movers you will be moving a pool to the new house.

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