Make The Most Of Your Vacation Home By Renting It Out With The Help Of A Cleaning Company

If you own a vacation home, you may want to consider renting it out during the days that you do not intend on staying there. This allows you to be sure that someone is in it as often as possible to decrease the chances of someone breaking into it and allows you to get money that you can put toward the mortgage of the home. When using your vacation home as a rental home, it is important to hire a cleaning company to clean the house in between tenants to ensure that it is always as neat and tidy as it can be. The following guide walks you through the process of having a cleaning company clean your vacation rental for you.

Make a Schedule

It is important to let the cleaning company know when you want them to come and clean the property for you. Establish a specific day of the week and time when renters must leave the residence and a specific time when new renters can arrive. This allows you to give the cleaning company a specific timeline for when they can come and clean the property between the rentals. Most cleaning companies only need a few hours to clean the home, depending on how large or small the house is.

Have Cleaning Supplies on Site

If you want to have the cleaning done as quickly as possible, it is best to have cleaning supplies located on site that the cleaning crew can use. This will cut down on the time it takes to clean the property because they will not have to spend time unloading and loading their cleaning supplies from their van or truck.

Have the Cleaners Report Damage

If the cleaning company notices any damage to the property or excessively messy situations, ask them to take a picture of the damage or the mess and send it to you right away. When you rent the home to renters, you need to be sure that you charge a security deposit that you will only relinquish when the cleaning company informs you that the property is in good condition. If the cleaning company finds that something is wrong with the home, you can submit the pictures to the renters and use the money to pay any additional fees that are owed to the cleaning company for having to clean the mess or to repair the damage.

These tips allow you to be sure that the home is well maintained between your visits. Most cleaning companies establish a base rate that they charge for the cleaning and add fees to that rate when extreme cleaning needs to be done. This allows you to always know what to expect when it comes to the cleaning costs for the vacation rental. Contact a local cleaning company, like Seabreeze Property Services, for more info.