Selling Your Home? Make Your Kitchen More Zen

aHome staging involves removing the unnecessary, opening up the space and infusing interior spaces with good energy. The same concepts apply to zen decorating. Turning your kitchen into a more zen-like place can make your home more appealing to buyers while also ensuring a feeling of peace when you prepare meals for yourself and loved ones. These quick fixes will change your kitchen from a room of clutter and chaos into a room of peace and beauty. 

Emphasize Natural Light 

Zen-like spaces are bathed in natural light. Light is also important for staging purposes, because rooms with lots of light can be attractive for buyers. Let the natural light come into your kitchen by replacing dark curtains with light cotton curtains. If your kitchen curtains are already light colored, try removing them altogether to maximize the amount of daylight that enters the room. 

Put Away Electronic Devices

You may have lined your countertops with electronic devices like coffee makers and toasters, but these devices subtract from the sense of space in your kitchen and add to the feeling of chaos. Remember, buyers like space. Put away whatever electronic devices aren't totally necessary. The ones you use on a regular basis should be nearby so you can reach them when you need them, but out of sight when the home is shown to buyers. 

Add Greenery

Natural elements like plants are important in zen-like spaces. Greenery is also a common device used in home staging to make rooms feel more inviting. Place a few well-chosen plants in various areas of the room. Where once there used to be a toaster, consider placing a short, symmetrical succulent. In an empty space by the corner, place a potted ficus tree. On the table, consider a blooming orchid.

Emphasize Earthy Colors

If you're going to make one big change to your kitchen, repaint it. Painting earthy colors on your walls--anything from jade green to soft beige--can instill the room with a feeling of calm. Match the colors to your cabinets. If your cabinets are an unnatural color, you might consider painting those as well. In addition to the fact that adding earthy colors will help complete the feeling of zen in the room, repainting can also make the room seem cleaner and newer for buyers. 

Put Away Clutter

This is the last step to making your kitchen more zen and will also ensure that home buyers are able to see how spacious your kitchen really is. Stacks of bills and other collections of clutter have no place in a zen kitchen. Use organizational systems like baskets and wooden boxes to put away anything remaining on your counter or table top.

For more information about how to stage your home and make your kitchen calmer and more beautiful, contact an interior design specialist today.