4 Tips For Selling Luxury Apartments

If you have a luxury apartment you are trying to sell, the method is slightly different from a traditional apartment. While the basis of selling the apartment is the same, there are certain things to highlight and other details to leave out. You are catering to someone that knows what they want and are willing to pay top dollar to get it. Here are some helpful tips for selling a luxury apartment.

Focus on the View

Among the different details a luxury apartment buyer is looking for, the view is often at the top of their list. Someone buying a luxury apartment looks at what makes this property special and worth the money. If you believe this happens to be the view, then focus on it and highlight it to the best of your ability. Get some amazing photographs of the view from different rooms in the home, such as the patio or balcony, bedroom window and kitchen. Give the potential buyers the entire experience so they can imagine themselves living there.

Choose the Right Descriptive Terms

When you begin preparing the listing, there are some words that are used for luxury apartments, and others that are avoided. For example, if the apartment has an extra room, do not call it a den or extra room. This doesn't give the buyer a good feeling of the property's luxury status. Instead, use terms that describe what that buyer could use the room for, such as library. Luxury apartments often have libraries, but they rarely have what they would refer to as a den. It helps to look at listings of other luxury properties and pay attention to the wording of those listings.

Hone in on the Best Features

Think of the apartment's best, most high-end features and focus on those. Don't just talk about the fact that it has a certain number of bathrooms, a fireplace in the living room, and washer and dryer hook-ups. While these are important details for the buyer to know, it isn't what your listing's focus should be on. Instead, think of some incredible, luxury-level amenities and features. For example, if there is a fireplace in the bathroom that the homebuyer sees from the bathtub, that is definitely something to talk about. Marble or granite countertops are always a good selling point, as well as luxury appliances included with the apartment.

Have a Flawless Staging Process

In most cases, you are better off hiring a professional home staging service. Unless you have experience with realty, it is best to leave this to the professionals. Do your part by being sure everything is tidy and well-organized. While other apartments can look lived in for the staging, luxury apartments need to be meticulous. A staging company knows just what the buyer is looking for, from what is displayed on shelves to how the furniture in the living room should be arranged.

If you are staging the apartment yourself, think about how you would want it to look if a magazine was taking pictures of it. That gives you a good idea of how perfect it needs to look before potential buyers look at it.

Before you list the property, make sure you have professional-level photographs of different rooms of the apartment. Also include pictures of the view and different intricate details that you believe a buyer would be interested in.