Location, Location, Location! But What Does That Mean?

If you're beginning the process of purchasing your first home, you might think that the most trendy and upscale neighborhood is what people mean when they say that location is everything. The truth is that the right location means something different to each person. However, this guide explains the aspects of the property's location that you should take into consideration before making an offer to purchase.

There Is Easy Access to What You Need

Unless you're hoping for a rural home, far away from everything, the property should have well-paved roads that provide easy access to the following:

  • schools
  • grocery stores
  • gas stations
  • general shopping
  • churches
  • recreation
  • medical care

The property should have utilities installed so that all you need to do is call the utility company and set up your account.

The Property Has Good Elevation

Check the property's survey to see what the elevation is. If you don't wish to figure out how to read a survey, look around at the perimeter of the property. The home should be at least a little higher than the street so that rainwater can run down to the culvert or drainage ditch and not settle into the yard or get into the home.

Additionally, a good elevation allows for more air to flow in and out of the home, requiring less heating and cooling. It won't eliminate the need, but it does help.  

The Home Is Not Surrounded by Other Homes

The best location of a home to reduce noise from neighbors is on a corner. Corner lots typically have at least one side of the home free from other homes. If the home is not on a corner, look to see how close the other homes are. The best location is one that does not have a home on each side with only a few feet in between.

A privacy fence provides sight-privacy only. It does nothing to provide peace and quiet. Don't be afraid to ask the neighbors if the neighborhood is noisy in the evening and on the weekends, if this is something that's important to you.

Even if your idea of the perfect location is upscale and where everyone wants to be, use this list to check off other aspects of the home that make it the perfect location. You don't need to spend a lot of extra money on your home to have a great location. You only need to make sure that certain aspects of the home make it a good spot for you and your family. Ask a professional such as Chris Calhoon Real Estate for more ideas on what makes a location the best one for you.