4 Ways To Flood-Proof A Manufactured Home

Are you worried about the possibility of flooding in your area? Manufactured homes can be placed anywhere you desire, but there are many locations that are simply naturally in a flood zone. You are right to be concerned, but many flooding risks can be reduced through proper planning.

1. Install Your Home on a Raised Foundation

The higher your foundation is, the less likely it is for your home to flood. Of course, you do need to make sure that your home's foundation is also as solid as possible -- so you will need to complete regular maintenance to ensure that the foundation is still stable and that there aren't any problems that need to be addressed. An annual or semi-annual inspection is usually recommended. 

2. Slant Your Ground Away From Your Home

Even a slight amount of flooding can cause damage to a home, especially if it seeps into the foundation or in through the walls. You can help ward against this by slanting the ground away from your home. If the ground slants towards your home, it will catch rain -- even small puddles may eventually cause damage. If the ground slants away from your home, gravity will take care of most of your problems.

3. Double Check Your Anchoring Systems

Your home may be anchored either to the surrounding ground or the foundation itself. If your home is anchored to the surrounding ground, you need to inspect it to make sure none of the anchors are pulling up. Failing anchors is one of the most common issues homeowners will experience with flooding because the ground will become saturated and therefore less able to hold the anchor in place.

4. Invest in Protection Barriers

During times of high flooding or rain, you may want to invest in protection barriers. Protection barriers are fairly simple to install and can go around both windows and doors to ensure that moisture and water don't flow through. These barriers can be removed after the storm has passed, but will avoid any potential interior damage. Even very well-sealed doors can eventually lead to leaks. 

You may want to consider moving your manufactured home if the risk for flooding continues to grow. There are some areas that will always have some flooding problems, and the benefit to a manufactured home is in how easily it can be moved. Otherwise, you might want to ask your home's manufacturers for tips.

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