Preparing Your Self Storage Unit For Maximum Efficiency And Safety

Even the most secure self-storage facilities offer little more than a bare room with a door that can be locked from the outside. For anyone who plans to store items that are vulnerable to the elements or that need to be organized for easy access, it can be beneficial to prepare your space before moving anything in. Doing so is relatively easy, but in exchange for a few hours of your time and the cost of some organizational aids you can ensure that everything you store will be in the state you left it and easily located every time you open the door.

Organizing Your Storage Unit

One of the most effective ways to make your storage unit easier to navigate is simply adding shelving units before you begin moving your things in. This will allow you to stack boxes in easily accessed places, minimize clutter on the floor, and use more of the vertical space in the unit with less effort. Taking this a step further and mapping out your shelving design can help make it easier for others to find what they need, even if they've never been in your unit before.

Start by planning your layout and installing modular shelving throughout the space. Leave sufficient room between each set of shelves to allow people to walk there, and make certain that the contents are laid out in a logical arrangement to make finding things easier. This is especially important with clothing, bedding and books, which can be sorted a number of different ways.

Protecting the Contents of Your Unit

 Don't rely on garbage sacks or plastic bags to protect the contents of your storage unit. Instead, take precautions that can reduce the risk of humidity and impacts. Hard containers are a good choice, as these are generally water tight and rigid enough to take the brunt of most blows. Finally, storing your goods in rigid containers can keep them safe in the event of water coming into the unit, whether due to local flooding or fire suppression sprinklers being engaged.

Very sensitive materials, such as cloth and paper, should be given an additional level of protection as well. Heavy duty vacuum storage bags can be used to prevent moisture and air from coming in contact with organic materials, thus limiting their negative effects. This can help prevent mold or mildew from damaging books and clothing or fluctuating humidity levels from causing gradual decay in other products.

Just because you've spent a lot on a sturdy lock doesn't mean the contents of your storage unit are protected. Likewise, just because you've stowed them away doesn't mean you've organized them. Putting forth a little more effort can ensure easy access, safe storage and less risk involved in storing your goods in a self-storage unit. A company like Carolina Self Storage can give you more tips on  storing your belongings.