2 Things Every Dog Owner Should Know About Moving With A Canine

Anytime you are facing a move from one house to the next the event can seem overwhelming to everyone in the house. However, the four-legged canine family members are sometimes more stressed by the situation than anyone else because they have a hard time understanding just what is taking place. In their eyes, you are taking away everything familiar, allowing strangers into your home, and taking them to a strange new place.

Here are two things every dog owner should know about moving with their canine family member:

Dogs and Strange Movers Do Not Mix

It is perfectly fine for the dog to hang around in the house while you are packing and making arrangements for the move. However, when the moving day is set to arrive, it is a good idea to get a sitter for your pet or make arrangements for him to be left outdoors.

Residential movers often deploy several sets of hands to one home to get the move handled quickly. All of these strange faces in the home can be distressing to your dog in an already unfamiliar situation.

Being at a New Home Can Be Alarming for Your Dog

Younger dogs may adjust fine to new surroundings. However, just as you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, it is hard to get an older dog to be happy about being in an unusual place. The new home will be filled with unfamiliar sights and smells and all of the commotion added with movers in the house can prove to be a lot for your pooch to handle.

Therefore, it should be expected that your dog will act a bit out of the ordinary. He may have accidents, bark and whine, or even become aggressive. It is a good idea to take your pet along for visits to the new home before the move to get him adjusted to the new surroundings.

Once the move is complete, keep a close eye on your dog. It is not at all uncommon for a canine to become so distressed in the new location that he takes off in search of familiar ground. Keep your dog indoors or securely contained for the first several days after the move and give him lots of love and attention.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind during a residential move that involves a dog is that the event can be very stressful for your pet. Take your time to tend to the needs of your pet and look at the situation through their eyes. This is often all it takes to make the move and transition as smooth as possible. To learn more, contact a company like A-1 America's Best Moving with any questions you have.