Top 3 Strangest Storage Unit Discoveries

Treasures can be found lurking around every corner; especially storage units. You don't always strike it lucky when you go through old storage units, however. Sometimes, these units are the best places to hide unusual and sometimes downright bizarre items. From relatives to animals, below is a list of the most unexpected and disturbing discoveries found in storage units.

Dolly Parton's Horse Carriage

When Burt Reynolds' personal storage unit was uncovered there were many oddities that took people by surprise. A horse carriage, that Dolly Parton made, was not the only weird item that was found. He also had a letter from his doctor regarding spleen surgery that Reynolds had. All of these strange items, along with a receipt for Roy Rogers' horse and the canoe from the movie Deliverance were the blueprint for a celebrity museum that is now in Florida.

A Severed Leg

When the contents of one storage unit were being auctioned off, Shannon Whisnant decided to take his chances on a smoker that was up for grabs. After taking it home, Whisnant found a human leg that was wrapped in foil inside. The owner of the storage unit, John Woods, lost his leg in a 2004 plane crash and wanted to hold on to it so that it could be buried with him when he passed away.

The new owner of the smoker, and the leg, saw a business opportunity and began to charge people to see it. Later, he decided that he wanted Woods to profit from the peep show as well, but Woods grew angry and refused the offer. Woods wanted his leg back but Whisnant argued that he bought the smoker than contained the leg fair and square. Both men hired attorneys and fought the battle in court.

A Deceased Relative

Its not uncommon to have the ashes of your deceased grandmother laying around. It is very strange, however, to place her entire body in a storage unit. When one storage unit was months behind on payments, a small storage unit company decided that it was time to auction off the contents. When they opened the unit they found a casket inside with the body of a deceased woman. The person who had rented out the storage unit, the deceased's daughter, had recently passed away. The owners later found out that the body had been there for over seventeen years.

Strange items are found in large and mini storage units every day. Before you buy an auctioned storage unit thinking that you are going to strike gold, just remember that you just might stumble across the next weirdest storage unit find.