How To Recognize When Your Carpet Needs To Go

Carpet is a very unforgiving material. You can only clean it so many times before the odors, the dirt and the stains refuse to come out. The surest signs that your carpet needs to be replaced and thrown away are as follows.

Your Carpet Is Almost a Decade Old

Unless you have a lifetime warranty that guarantees perfect carpeting forever, most people replace their carpet around year ten of living in their homes. You may have to replace it sooner if you have kids and pets and the carpet occupies high traffic areas in your home. By this time, no amount of cleaning services can get it to look like it did when you moved in or when you last had it replaced.

Your High Traffic Areas Still Look Hideous After a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Despite your efforts, the professional's hard work and the truck-mounted steam cleaner, your high traffic areas still resemble a chunk of asphalt; black, permanent and virtually impossible to remove. Even if the professional goes over the same spot several times, it does not look any better. Additionally, it clashes with the cleaner-looking carpet around it. Your carpet has to go.

Professional Carpet Cleaner's Carpet Deodorizers Have No Effect

Every time you walk in the house, it stinks. It smells musty, or like a wet dog, or dirt after a rainstorm. Although some people may enjoy those odors, you find them offensive to your sense of clean. If you have had the carpets professionally deodorized after cleaning and you get down on your hands and knees and can still smell something unpleasant, it is time to consider new carpeting.

Food Stains Will Not Go Away

Most modern carpeting has a anti-stain Teflon coating such that you can easily clean the stains up and lift them right out of the carpet. As carpet ages and is vacuumed and cleaned, it loses some of that coating and ability to ward off stains. Eventually, even with reapplications of Teflon spray, the stains stick around. This is also a sign that your carpet has worn out its usefulness.

What Your Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Agent Will Share with You

When a service agent with a carpet cleaning business tells you there is no way a stain or smell is going to go away, it is time to pay attention. The professionals know when a carpet has had its last moments and will likely to tell you so. These carpet issues are ground in, but fresh carpeting will refresh your entire house.

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