Self Storage for College Students

If you decide you need extra storage space during your internship, while studying abroad, or during a summer break, self storage units can provide you with just what you need. You can rent a self storage unit on a month-by-month basis in a range of sizes. This means you can store just a few boxes or an entire apartment full of furniture. In addition to providing storage space for all those things you don't have room for, self storage could fulfill several other student needs as well. Below is a list of just some of the ways that students can use self storage, like Epic Group Inc, while they're in college.

Temporary Self Storage

It may be that you only want to store certain items, such as seasonal clothing or things that you will only need during your school vacation. The great thing about self storage is that you can rent the units on a monthly basis, which makes it easy to do temporary storage of a few items until such time as you actually need them. You're not tying yourself down to a long-term storage contract.

Store What You Can't Handle

Dorm rooms are notoriously small and cramped, and many off-campus apartments aren't much better. Use self storage for those items that you will want to keep but don't have room for right now. For instance, you might have hobbies, sports, or other activities requiring equipment that take up a lot of room. Instead of cramming these into a very small living space or getting rid of them, you can use self storage. Another benefit the self storage when you're living in the dorm is that you can store any furniture you might own, since virtually all dorm rooms and some apartments come already furnished.

Use Self Storage for Document Storage

When you're in college, you acquire a mountain of paperwork. This can include the research papers you have to write on an almost weekly basis, copies of exams, course materials, financial aid records, school records, student health records, and any number of other things. Instead of keeping these things with you where they will simply clutter up your living space and make it more likely that they will be lost or damaged, you can put them in self storage.

Use Self Storage As Extra Space

Make use of self storage as a place where you can work on a craft, hobby, or art project that you don't have room for in your dorm or apartment. If you're an art student, you can also use self storage to store your painted canvases or art supplies. Many students use self storage units as art studios. Even dancers will sometimes use self storage units as a place to practice away from other students.