Keep Termites Out Of Your Garden

People typically think of termites infecting houses and buildings; however, termites can be found anywhere wood can be found. That includes your garden. If you have noticed termites in your garden, follow the steps below to stop the termites before they take over your garden. Termites Like Wood, Not Fruits And Vegetables Termites love to eat wood and drink water. They feed primarily on cellulose. They do not want to eat your fruit or your vegetables. Read More 

How To Recognize When Your Carpet Needs To Go

Carpet is a very unforgiving material. You can only clean it so many times before the odors, the dirt and the stains refuse to come out. The surest signs that your carpet needs to be replaced and thrown away are as follows. Your Carpet Is Almost a Decade Old Unless you have a lifetime warranty that guarantees perfect carpeting forever, most people replace their carpet around year ten of living in their homes. Read More 

Is Vacuuming Enough To Clean Your Carpet?

Is vacuuming your carpet really enough? With all of the dust, dirt, grime, skin particles, and dust mites, is vacuuming really going to make your carpet clean enough to live with? Vacuuming can be a great way to get the debris and particles off of the surface of the carpet but often fail to get the grime and other particles that are buried deep within the carpet. Vacuuming will remove around 70% of soil and other particles, but the other 30% can cause health problems. Read More 

Carpet Cleaning Options For The Party Planner

Now that the holidays are coming fast, you may be preparing to host a few parties this season. Although being the host of the best holiday party on the block has its upsides, the downsides can be a little overwhelming. One of the problems you could run into is making sure your carpets stay in pristine condition from one event to the next. Imagine cleaning up after one of your celebrations and you find a large stain on your carpet from a spilled drink. Read More 

Unusual Services That May Be Offered By Your Local Locksmith

When you lock yourself out of your home or car may be the only time that you think of a professional locksmith, but these skilled professionals are good for a lot more than just popping a lock. If you take a look at all of the things that make a locksmith service valuable, there is a good chance you will be reaching out for their help a lot more often than you ever thought you would. Read More